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"Yvette Teng may be the greatest hidden treasure in the Tri-City Area"

Yvette Teng may be the greatest hidden treasure in the Tri-City Area. I've worked with many real estate agents in my life--Yvette is by far the best and what makes her the best is that she sees each buyer and seller as a human being and works so hard, regardless of what she may or may not gain from the sale, in order to make sure both parties are satisfied. She was our seller, and she made sure that we were happy and dealt with a difficult city situation and helped us find a family that we sold to, that also benefitted greatly and it was a happy marriage, all stewarded by her. Her team is amazing, but they follow her lead and she is amazing at what she does. If you are seeking to buy in the area, or sell in the area, call no one else, Yvette should be the only person you contact!

- Kaylan B.

"Omar was a great match to our needs during our house search this year"

Omar was a great match to our needs during our house search this year. He was patient as we learnt the ins and outs of house hunting, and while he would share his advice and professional opinion on every potential house, he first of all payed attention to our tastes and requirements. In other words, Omar does not just search for any house, he tries to find you the house that will actually tick all your boxes and end up being the right fit. That also means he will not rush you into any decisions: he will share what the best strategy seems to be, but the end decision is always yours and he accepts your point of view, even if it means starting the search all over. We also appreciated Omar's flexibility and availability, which turned out to be critical when our fixed timeline was nearing its end. He was able to make last minute appointments and quickly arrange visiting the houses we wanted to see right away. Thanks to all above we were able to get our dream house in the end, while staying within our budget

- Helgi I. I

"My father was in car sales for 40 years"

My father was in car sales for 40 years, and in an industry known for opportunists, he (instead) taught me about what old school customer service was all about. I have met plenty of sales people from a young age and I am not easily impressed, but Nicole is everything we could have ever asked for in an agent and then some. My wife and I connected with her by accident, but a happy accident it truly was, since she not only found our dream house for us, but sold our existing house in a short time for a good price that allowed us to upgrade our living style and space comfortably. She wisely and patiently (I ask every possible question at every point in the process) guided us through each step. It was not only about above and beyond effort on her part during her direct interactions with us, but also about a swift and well-executed backend process. In addition, she brings a network of high-quality partnerships to the table through her relationships with inspectors, handymen, painters, stagers, and every other possible service provider involved in real estate transactions. My wife and I would never (ever!) dream of using anyone else in this market. We really can't say enough good about her, but the bottom line is, if you want a real estate agent who is less about pitch and all about helpful, high-integrity consultation and service, call Nicole.

- Brian D.

"We had met with a few agents before meeting up with Nicole"

We had met with a few agents before meeting up with Nicole but looked no further after seeing her. As first time home buyers, we were constantly learning about the market and more-so about our own priorities. Nicole was always sensitive to our 'ever-changing' requirements. We always had a lot of questions for her and she was always very responsive and patient. She has a very cheerful/accommodating/patient demeanor, which made it easier for us to 'bombard' her with our questions and doubts. Nicole was super flexible in terms of her availability. She was reachable via all possible channels - texting, email, phone. She was pretty helpful in going over listings, filtering them, adding more and of course touring any property that we wanted her inputs on. She never pushed us to bid on any property. On the contrary, she was pretty open when she didn't like a property after touring it together. When we did express interest - she was on top of it - that's how we eventually got our new home! Ours was a last minute offer. Nicole took serious initiative in keeping the seller's agent engaged while we worked on the offer. Also, since she's a listing agent as well, it helped to get the seller's POV while putting up the offer. Nicole's contacts in the real estate market - ranging from lenders to home inspectors to contractors really helped us transition to our first home a lot easier. Her inputs on every aspect of home buying reflect a good deal of experience. As first time home buyers we couldn't have asked for more!

- Tarun B.

"Because of my line of work"

Because of my line of work, I know hundreds of Real Estate agents and have worked directly with many of them. Earlier this year I began searching for a home on my own and quickly learned that I couldn't devote enough time to do it properly. I decided to go with Nicole because she knows the market and the area, is knowledgeable and personable. One of the best things about working with Nicole is that she is accessible. Phone calls, e-mails and text messages are answered promptly. Oftentimes I would send an e-mail late at night expecting an answer the next day and be surprised to see reply just minutes later. I also have an unpredictable work schedule and Nicole was very flexible and easy to work with. I would advise her how much time I had and she would have several homes lined up that met our criteria. The market was very crazy back then and we were putting in an average of one offer per week. We finally got one accepted ... The house was a flip and the seller agreed to the purchase price. We subsequently ran into multiple issues with the seller who did not want to honor the terms of the contract. Luckily for us, persistence, negotiation skills and experience are three more of Nicole's strong points. Her persistence and people skills resulted in an amicable resolution of this issue. Her empathy and friendliness was key in minimizing the stress during a stressful negotiation process. She genuinely cared about how I felt, was a great advocate and represented my interests at all times. Throughout the ups and downs she remained upbeat, positive and steady. In summary, Nicole did an excellent job throughout the process of finding and purchasing a house. I highly recommend her if you need any help with buying or selling real estate in the East Bay - Tricities area.

- George M.

"I needed to find an agent to help my parents sell their home in Fremont"

I needed to find an agent to help my parents sell their home in Fremont. I Google searched for the best agent in the area and Yvette popped up. Calling her was one of the best decisions I have ever made. She is a consummate professional and her attention to detail is second to none. Selling this home was a challenge. Although well maintained and clean it was in its​ original condition with popcorn ceilings, original kitchen, an ​avocado green wet bar in the family room, you catch my drift. Second, my folks moved out of the home and relocated to southern California​ leaving everything in Yvette's hands. She remodeled and staged the home in an efficient​ and timely manner. She knew exactly what needed to be done to maximize it's selling price and​ appeal without doing unnecessary​ work. All this was done causing ZERO stress to us. She handled EVERYTHING. She is a ​shrewd negotiator and my folks ended up getting the top price for their property and could not have been happier If we could give Yvette 10 stars we would. I would not hesitate to call her if you need an agent in the area, she is the real deal.

- Mina J.

"After relocating to Austin, we needed to sell our house in Fremont"

After relocating to Austin, we needed to sell our house in Fremont, and I knew we needed an agent who both specialized in the Fremont/Union City market and could handle getting the house ready to list since we would not be in town and have jam-packed schedules. After interviewing a few agents, we felt Yvette was the best choice. She exceeded ALL of our expectations, and we could not have been more pleased how Yvette deftly managed the entire process. First and foremost, she was not only incredibly knowledgeable about the Fremont/Union City market in general, but also had a proven track record in our specific neighborhood. This was crucial as she knew exactly how to stage and price our home to attract the buyers we were looking for (i.e. a multi-generational family seeking a home in our elementary school district). Secondly, for us the process of getting the house ready for market was seamless. Yvette has an incredible team that whipped our house into shape in record time. Her painters, landscapers, and stagers are AMAZING. Yvette even picked out the perfect neutral wall color (I am having our house in Texas painted in the same color). She has a keen eye for detail, which was apparent to us and our target market. Finally, Yvette was exceptionally patient as she walked us through the sale process. She must never sleep as she answered all our texts and emails in record time despite the time difference. Yvette is a consummate professional, and her real estate expertise is unmatched. Her pricing strategy was spot-on to attract the right buyers, and she helped us navigate multiple offers and negotiate for a sale price that was much MUCH higher than we anticipated. In short, Yvette is the real deal, and were absolutely blown away by how painless she made the process. It definitely pays off to work with a professional of her caliber, and I would recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell a home!

- Emily C

"I wish there would be more than five stars to rate him!"

I wish there would be more than five stars to rate him! We have worked with him to get two houses in Bay Area and the experience has been brilliant! We began as a young couple with absolutely no knowledge about real estate purchases. Omar explained all the nuances to us very patiently every time. He gave us all the space to make decisions and has never been pushy. I believe that is very rare to find in an estate agent. We just bought our second home and we are so happy we found someone like Omar to help us through this process. Even today, when in trouble or any query at all, he's just a ring away. He's much much more than a real estate agent. He not only helps you purchase a house but he also helps you make it a HOME. A million thanks Omar for everything! Keep doing this good work!

- Jyothsna N.

"Omar was my real estate agent for a home sale in Fremont"

Omar was my real estate agent for a home sale in Fremont. He is an excellent real estate agent that I recommend and would use for any future transactions in the Fremont area (and possibly others as well) because: - His communication is excellent. He kept me informed of everything during the entire process. - He staged the house really well and used technology well to our advantage with video decks, iPads during open houses, etc - We had a special case scenario which required him to keep 2 people across states selling the property well-informed and he handled that well. - He sent all paper work through DocuSign that made it a lot easier to review and sign documents.

- Sabarivasan V.